Kitchen Tools

Don't neglect your kitchen or dining room walls anymore! Having these kitchen tools around will liven them up! Please check out About Us for payment and collection details!

Please check out About Us for payment and collection details!

Want to change the way your home or office look but don't want to spend too much time and money on it? Hassle-free and convenient, these affordable wall decals make decorating your home so much more enjoyable and efficient.    


(Refer to the image above)    

Instructions for Application  

  • Clean the surface of the wall where you want to apply the decal  
  • (If necessary) Cut out and align the parts of the decal according to how you want it to look
  • Temporarily stick the parts onto the wall surface using masking tape  
  • Tear the white backing paper off
  • Run a ruler or card along the transparent film in order to ensure the decal sticks to the wall
  • For more detailed instructions, please refer to: Credits to: LucidGraphics13